Sobre los libros

“Los libros te sueltan su máxima intensidad de energía (información para provocar cambios en tu conciencia) cuando los compras y sobre todo si sigues el instinto de esperar a que te atraiga desde la estanteria y vas hacia él. Algo parecido a lo que escribe Ruiz Zafón en su “Sombra del Viento” en la imagen de la “Biblioteca de Libros olvidados. Luego, con el uso y el tiempo el libro ya no te suelta la misma cantidad de energía; siempre me refiero para provocar algun cambio de conciencia. La información por la información es anecdótico, no sirve de mucho.”

Juan Trigo, comentario en un artículo de “crisis económica 2010”

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2 comentarios el “Sobre los libros

    • With pleasure. Here we go.
      First we should consider that all information is in the air (to put it in a simple concept) because is the media where the brain electro waves of all human being expand and merge each other, and build a sort of mind ocean.
      Secondly, the contend of that ocean is expressed from time to time in small portions in different forms, oral, written, silent feelings, brutal action and so on.
      Thirdly, every existing thing is a form of vibration. And, after Einstein, matter and energy are only forms of vibration. As Stephen Hawking puts it: The dreams of which matter is made. Matter converts to energy and the other way round.
      Ideas, information, statements, all are forms of energy. And from time to time somebody print it into paper; there you have the books.
      Certain energy is extremely powerful as the sacred books, Avesta, Sefer Yetzirah, The Bible, Q’uran, and so on, which are call “inspired books” because the energy that has printed their words is so powerful that stays in the book along centuries.
      Other book’s energy is not so powerful and tends to decay.
      But in all of them we can find the phenomena of what we can call childishly “fresh available energy” which emerges from the pages with all its strength the first times you open and exchange with you own mind energy flow in the particular moment you read them. In other words, your mind changes every nanosecond, and in a particular instant your reading connects with the energy that has enabled the words to be printed.
      This is the base of the so call bibliomancy. Many cultures use a sacred book as oracle. You close the eyes, relax, take the book with the left hand (the receiving side) and with the thumb of your right hand (the giving side) you caress the closed pages while you enquire and visualize in your mind the question you want to be answered by the Universe. Then, without any will action, you allow the thumb to choose by itself and open the book. Your sight focus in a particular paragraph of the page, and this paragraph gives you the answer from the Universe, no matter if this particular paragraph that you sight got stuck on, has nothing to do with the whole context of that precise page.
      It happens with all books, but some of them are meant to materialize the basic information of existence, the so called sacred books.
      Please let me know if I have explained myself clearly. If know I shall try again.


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